Feature 1

    This historic Dedham estate features a stunning great room with a full blown 7.2 audio and control system engineered by JRC Audio&Video Inc.  The client and the interior designer did not want to see any speakers in the system.  We placed all 7 of the speakers in the ceiling and had them painted to match the exact color of the wood.  The 2 subwoofers provide deep subterranean bass and are hidden in the wall in the front of the room.  The display is a Runco 65” plasma, we had to build a custom wall mount which places the display nearly flush to the stone.  The blu-ray player and iPod dock are locally placed in a built-in in the back of the room, and the amplifiers are placed in well ventilated basement racks.  The playroom below features a 58” Pansonic Plasma with a Leon speaker bar, in-ceiling surround speakers, and a in-cabinet subwoofer.  Control comes from easy to use touch screens and hand held remotes.  Each interface is designed to be as easy to use as possible, with each desired action only a button press away. The system also features Crestron lighting control.  The lighting control system reduces wall clutter caused by traditional dimmers and switches.  All lighting in the room can be discretely controlled by 1 lighting keypad.  The lighting keypad is also back lit, which makes the keypad easy to see and read at night.   The clients can also adjust lighting from their hand held remotes.