Feature 2


This Chestnut Hill residence features the latest in home technology.  The house consists of 12 zones of distributed audio, distributed video, Crestron climate and lighting control, 2 surround sound zones, and a dedicated theater room.  Control is done from various touch panels and keypads throughout the residence and from either an iPad or iPhone.  The client can adjust his pool, thermostats, lighting, garage doors and audio video systems right from his iPhone when he’s away.  

The theater features the latest in Cinemascope technology.  The screen has an aspect ratio of 235:1 instead of 16:9.  This allows cinemascope blu-ray movies to be played back at full screen with no black bars above or below.  A Blu-ray movie server stores all the clients movies and play’s them back instantly without the annoying load times from typical blu-ray players.  The theater contains nearly 40 individual speakers, none of which can be seen.   From watching Tivo, playing Xbox360, and watching a streaming movie off of an Apple TV this room delivers an experience like no other! 

Several zones of exterior audio blend seamlessly into the landscape, speakers that appear as rocks deliver outstanding sound.  The iPhone acts as an amazing source of control.  The client can control the music, landscape lights, pool heat, pool light, pool cleaner, and the waterfall all at the touch of a button. 

The main part of the house features distributed audio zones throughout; the client can listen to XM radio, a music server which stores all of his cd’s, an iPod dock, and also broadcast from any mac in the house to an airport express which is fed into the system.