Distributed Video

Imagine easy control of all of your video sources from any room in your home.  Intuitive portable touch screen and hard button remote controls allow easy access to HD cable boxes, movie servers, BluRay, Apple TV or security camera’s.  Gone are the days when you have a cable box in each room and need to manage each one.  Or figure out which DVD player the movie is in.  With a JRC AV distributed video system all the electronics live in a tech room or media closet.  You can have any video source go to any TV in the house and minimize the hardware needed.  Basically, each person will have their own cable box and manage it.

You will record a show on your box and will be able to start your show in the family room and then press pause and pick the rest of the show up in you master bedroom!  Even in a very large estate home with dozens of TV’s, only a few cable boxes will be needed.  Easy access to your video sources has never been easier or more fun.  With a distributed video system you can also see what your kids are viewing and restrict them if so desired.