Invisible Audio&Video

Today’s luxury home has had every detail thought out.  Having a video display or sound system compete your interior design is easily remedied with a few JRC A/V tricks.  For some, any visible electronics is unacceptable, especially in a dual-purpose Media Room or rooms where you don’t want in-wall or in-ceiling speaker grilles competing with your art collection.  Even in dedicated custom Home Theater rooms, most people like the electronics hidden from view.

New speaker technology from Sonance delivers a truly invisible speaker with exceptional sound quality.  Motorized artwork frames by Media Décor and motorized TV lifts can reveal a hidden flat-panel TV.  Television mirrors by Seura can conceal televisions in Living Rooms and Bathrooms.  Utilizing distributed audio and distributed video systems technology further helps by relocating the electronic components out of the room into the tech room or media closet.  This also has the advantage of no local equipment noise and the electronics can be properly coded for a reliable system.